DynamicQRS is a platform for connecting offline audiences with the bands and brands they love, through immediate calls-to-action and rich engagement on the mobile web, with real-time analytics.
Currently focused on enhancing physical and out-of-home promotions in music & entertainment, DynamicQRS bridges the offline world with the mobile web

Using the self-serve CMS, artists and advertisers alike can now enhance physical collateral with a DynamicQRS QR Code corresponding to a custom HTML5 mobile web app. This now makes the fan's point of passion actionable: a concert poster, sticker, album cover, merch tag (and more) becomes a rich point of discovery. The fan can immediately experience a music video, download tracks, join mailing lists, easily connect on social networks, win prizes, and even make purchases.
Real-time engagement and geo-location analytics allow the DynamicQRS creator to update and optimize their campaigns on the fly.